Halloween Goodies On The Cheap – 99 Cents Store

Don’t let Halloween break the bank this year! The 99 Cents Only Store is jam-packed with multiple isles filled with Halloween delights.


They offer a wide selection of children’s costumes, adult masks, face paints and tons other awesome costume accessories.


Deck your house out this year with some of these crazy decorations, trick or treat bowls, welcome mats and much more!


They even have bloody body parts if you want to be that crazy guy driving around with a foot hanging out of your trunk!


Best of all, it’s only $.99 cents! Check out all the goodies at 99 Cents Only Store located at 4665 Clayton Rd.


One response to “Halloween Goodies On The Cheap – 99 Cents Store

  1. most of it is 1.49 each, the store is no longer just 99cents each


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