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Uber Offers FREE Ride Tonight – Drive Safe!

Want to drink and get around safe? Ride free with Uber tonight!

Try Uber for FREE! Uber will cover your first ride worth up to $20* completely free! No purchase necessary! Simply down load the Uber app and enter promo code: AMBERS4917UE      *Free ride value amounts vary by city.



Happy Fourth of July!!!


Giant List of Freebies For Expecting Parents

Do you know someone who is having a baby?  Then you are going to LOVE these awesome freebies! Here’s a bunch of free stuff available to make any new mommy’s life easier. The best part: they’re either TOTALLY free or nearly free – just pay shipping! Don’t miss these deals!

Walmart Welcome Baby Box – Free, No Registry Required


  • Pampers Pack – Includes 1 infant diaper and wipes 6 pack
  • Aventi Infant Bottle – 4 oz
  • Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Body Wash Sample
  • Johnson & Johnson Body Lotion Sample
  • Aveeno Baby Moisture Lotion Sample

Sam’s Club Welcome Baby Box – Free, No Registry Required


  • Happy Baby Puppy Book
  • Enfamil Toddler Forumla Sample – 4 pack
  • Similac Infant Forumla – 4 pack
  • Pampers Pack – Includes 1 infant diaper and wipes 6 pack
  • Huggies Wipes – 8 count
  • Member’s Mark – diaper, size 3
  • Similiac Grow & Go Toddler Mix In – 2 packets
  • GoGo Squeeze Applesauce – 3.2 oz
  • Munchkin Latch Nursing Pads – 2 count
  • Dapple Dish Cleaning Soap Sample
  • Destin Rapid Relief Sample
  • Balmex Diaper Rash Relief Cream Sample

Second Sam’s Club Box -Welcome To Mom & Dad’s Club

  • Two Pampers Easy Up Training Underwear, Size T 3 & 4
  • Huggies Natural Care Wipes – 8 pack
  • GoGo Squeeze Applesauce 3.2 oz
  • Dove Deep Moisture 1.8 oz

Similiac Welcome Box – Free, No Registry Required


  • Similiac Sensitive Powder Forumla – 28 oz
  • Similiac OptiGrow – 4 pack of 2 oz per bottle

Amazon Welcome Baby Box, Free with Registry ($35 value)


  • Swaddle Desigos Muslin Swaddle
  • Enfamil Infant Formula Powder – 4 pack
  • Sensitive Baby Wipes – 80 count
  • Pampers Pack – Includes 1 infant diaper and wipes 6 pack
  • Bright Start Elephant Teething Toy
  • Aventi Infant Bottle – 4 oz
  • Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Body Wash Sample
  • Johnson & Johnson Body Lotion Sample
  • Aveeno Baby Moisture Lotion Sample
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment Sample
  • Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets

Buy Buy Baby Registry Bag, Free with Registry


  • Fit Pregnancy Magazine
  • Baby On Board Sign
  • Lansinoh Pack –  2 Breastmilk Storage Bags & 2 Nursing Pads
  • Chicco NaturalFit Silicone Pacifier
  • Mustela Dermo Cleansing Lotion Sample
  • Noodle & Boo Newborn 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash Sample
  • Noodle & Boo Newborn Super Soft Lotion Sample
  • Shea Moisture Baby Wash & Shampoo Sample
  • Shea Moisture Baby Lotion Sample
  • Boogies Wipes Sample
  • Dapple Pacifier Cleaner Sample
  • Blue Lizard Sunscreen Lotion Sample
  • Balmex Diaper Rash Cream Sample
  • Babo Smoothing Diaper Cream Sample

Target Welcome Registry Bag, Free with Registry


  • Aventi Infant Bottle – 4 oz
  • Nuk Orthopedic Pacifier
  • Up & Up Baby Wipes – 20 count
  • Honest Diaper Pack – 2 Diapers & 10 Wipes
  • Lansinoh Pack –  2 Breastmilk Storage Bags & 2 Nursing Pads
  • Mustela Dermo Cleansing Lotion Sample
  • Dapple Dish Cleaning Soap Sample
  • Aveeno Baby Moisture Lotion Sample
  • Boogies Wipes Sample
  • Boudreaux Butt Paste Sample
  • Babyganics Laundry Detergent
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Baby Journal Keepsake, Totally Free Giveaway


Includes one From Pea to Pod Baby Journal – By Geralyn Broder Murray

Early Moments – Dr Seuss Book Collection – Free, $3.95 Shipping

Get 5 Dr. Seuss Books + a free activity book for just $3.95 plus free shipping (high-quality, hard cover editions)! Each of these books normally retail for $8.99.  With this offer you are joining the Early Moments Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club, meaning you are signing up to receive books every month. But its no big deal as you can cancel at ANY time, risk free.  Use Promo Code “BIRTHDAY” for a FREE gift!

      • The Cat In The Hat
      • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
      • Dr Suess’s ABC
      • Hop On Pop
      • Are You My Mother

Honest Company Essentials & Diaper Trials, Just $5.95 shipping

If you have yet to sign up with The Honest Company (rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau! 😀 ), they are still offering up this awesome promo where you can score 2 FREE Trials! Choose a free Discovery Kit of Diapers & Wipes or Essentials (or both!). Pay only $5.95 for shipping.

Diaper / Wipes & Essentials Trial Includes:

  • Diapers (7 count)
  • Wipes (10 count)
  • Shampoo + Body Wash Sample
  • Face + Body Lotion Sample
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner Sample
  • Healing Balm Sample
  • Hand Soap Sample

Dream Baby Welcome Kit, Totally Free Giveaway


    • Sliding Locks – 2 pack, quality 2
    • Safety Catches – 2 pack, quality 2

Nursing Pillow From

Perfect for nursing mothers, but even if you do not breast feed your baby it it great for supporting them while feeding them or holding them! Top-quality NursingPillows are oval shaped with an opening to wrap around mom and give baby a soft platform for nursing. They’re smaller than other commercially available pillows, so they fit in a diaper bag and are portable! There are many patterns to pick from!


Get a Free Nursing Pillow (a $ 40.00 Value) at Only pay $14.99 shipping cost with Promotion Code”8D6C2BD56“.  “Minky” fabrics are an additional $4.95, but print fabrics are free with shipping.

Carseat Canopy From

Keep baby out of breezes and sneezes with a Carseat Canopy, just $14.99 shipped. This is a $50 value!


Visit Carseat Canopy, click “shop now,” change the quantity to one design of your choice, and add Promotional Code “87030277C” to see the savings! Just pay $14.99 shipping! Available in lots of colors! Two styles available Original (featured above) or Jersey Stretch (featured below).


BONUS: Dollar Store Finds – $1 Each


  • Baby Studio Diaper Bag
  • Baby Bottle Brush
  • Gift Set – Oversized bottle coin bank, 8oz bottle, spoon & wash cloth
  • Babies 2 Grow – BPA Free 4 oz Snack Containers, 3 pack
  • Babies 2 Grow – BPA Free 8 oz Snack Containers, 3 pak
  • Child Safe Outlet Plug Covers – 12 pack

Do you know of any freebies we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

Rodie’s Offers FREE Backyard Chickens Seminar


Thinking about getting chickens? Backyard chickens have exploded in popularity in recent years and now is your chance to learn about them for FREE! It’s chick season at Rodies! They are offering a seminar on raising backyard chickens! Check out their flyer for more details!

Mudslide Safety Tips – Stay Warm & Dry!

The Fire Marshall over at Contra Costa County Fire Protection District has some quick tips and information on mudslide safety! Everything is super wet and slippery out there so stay safe!

Mudslides occur during periods of intense rainfall or rapid snowmelt. They usually start on steep hillsides, liquefy and accelerate down the hill. The debris flow ranges from watery mud to thick, rocky mud that can carry large items such as boulders, trees and cars. (The picture on the right was taken at the corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Deer Hill Rd.) Always listen to the radio, television, or check your local weather websites, for the latest information and instructions for your area.

Before Severe Storms:
• Have a disaster plan.
• Have emergency supplies on hand, food, water, flashlights, and batteries.
• Become familiar with the land around you. Find out if you’re in a mudslide prone area.

During Severe Storms:
• Stay alert, and keep a watchful out eye throughout the night.
• Listen to the radio or watch TV for warnings about intense rainfall or for information and instructions from local officials
• If you live in mudslide prone areas, consider leaving if it safe to do so. If you can’t, go to the highest level of your home.
• Listen for unusual sounds that might indicate moving debris, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking each other. These may indicate an approaching landslide or mudslide.
• Be aware of any sudden increase or decrease in water level on a stream or creek.
• Be alert, especially if you have to go out and drive. Watch the road for collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks and other indications of a possible debris flow.
• If you see a landslide or mudslide starting, quickly move away from the path of the slide. Getting out of a mudslide is your best protection. Move to the nearest high ground in a direction away from the path. If rocks and debris are approaching, go to the nearest shelter and take cover (under a desk, tale, or other piece of sturdy furniture.

During Mudslides:
• Quickly move out of the path of the mudslide.
After Mudslides:
• Stay away from mudslide areas. Flooding or additional slides may occur after a landslide or mudslide.
• Listen to the radio, TV or internet for emergency information.
• Check for injured or trapped people near the affected area, if it is possible to do so without entering the path of the landslide or mudslide.
• Watch out for flooding which can happen after a mudslide.
• Report broken utility lines to the appropriate authorities.
• Check the foundation of your home, chimney and surrounding land for damage.

Wishing Our Readers Happy Valentine’s Day!


As you are probably already aware, today is Valentine’s Day – a day set aside for people to show their love and affection to that special someone in their lives. The DiabloReporter team is all about spreading the love and people looking out for one another so this February 14th, we’d like to wish all our readers a very happy and loved-up Valentine’s Day!! The cynical among you might feel like these days Valentine’s Day is all about consumerism and it’s a fair enough argument. But for many, it isn’t about the money spent on flashy gifts or expensive dinners, but rather the sentiment behind it. So whatever you do people, make sure you enjoy it and let that special someone in your life know you care!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! XOXO

PS. If you’re looking for someone to love, Animal Services is offering FREE cat & dog adoptions through Valentine’s Day. Click here for more information.

Rainy Day FREE Movie Rentals From Redbox

Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Redbox is coming to the rescue.

Redbox Codes are the way to get free DVD rentals from Redbox. Redbox and their partners create these codes to get more people into their stores and use their services.

You simply need to enter the coupon code from the main screen or just before checkout at your local Redbox kiosk. When you do, you will receive a one-day free rental. Any additional days you keep the movie will be charged at the usual $1/day.

As you find new codes that work (or that don’t), report them here so that all users can benefit from them. Your help is what makes this community work. Also, our code tracking and movie tracking systems will help you know what codes you have used and what movies you have seen.

For more information on Redbox Codes and more, read the Inside Redbox FAQ here.

Use these codes for your free rental:

DVDATWAG – Walgreens only
REDBOX – New customers


Need Help Paying Your PG&E?


 Sometimes, especially in this economy, most of us will experience moments of economic hardship. Families who need help paying their PG&E bill may benefit from a variety of organizations and programs who offer assistance in paying for utilities such as electric and gas. These organizations and programs offers economic assistance that, unlike loans, do not require repayment. There are many programs to choose from and you can qualify for multiple assistance programs at the same time. This programs are only available to U.S. Citizens.

LIEAP Program                   


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Block Grant is funded by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and provides two basic types of services. Eligible low-income persons, via local governmental and nonprofit organizations, can receive financial help to offset the costs of heating and/or cooling dwellings, and/or have their dwellings weatherized to make them more energy-efficient. This is accomplished through these program components:

  • The Weatherization Program provides free weatherization services to improve the energy efficiency of homes, including attic insulation, weather-stripping, minor housing repairs, and related energy conservation measures.
  • The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) provides payments for weather-related or energy-related emergencies (including PG&E bill payments).

In order to qualify for help through the LIHEAP program, applicants must meet basic guidelines. Interested applicants may apply directly through their local Department of Health and Human Services or click here for more information.

Salvation Army – REACH


The Salvation Army, working in a direct partnership with PG&E, has established a program to help low-income families pay their electric bills. The program, Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH) offers  help to people who are in danger of losing their gas or electric services as a result of non-payment. In order to qualify for help through the REACH program, applicants must have experienced an unforeseen and unavoidable hardship, such as a major illness or involuntary job loss, which has prevented them from being able to make their payment.

The Salvation Army determines if customers are eligible for REACH help. To qualify for REACH, an applicant’s must meet basic guidelines. Generally, recipients can receive REACH help only once within a 18-month period, but exceptions can be made for seniors, the physically challenged and the terminally ill.To apply for REACH assistance in your area contact the Salvation Army at 1 (800) 933-9677 or click here for more information.

CARE Program

PG&E offers help to low-income and medically needy people through a program that allows qualifying families to receive a discount on the costs of their electric bills. The California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program gives economically qualifying families help in paying their electric bill through discounted rates and payment extension arrangements to help avoid disconnection of services due to inability to pay. To qualify for the CARE program, applicants must meet basic guidelines. Interested residents can apply for this program directly through PG&E. To learn more click here.


To apply, click here if you are a residential single family customer.

FERA – Family Electric Rate Assistance Program

Families whose household income slightly exceeds the low-income energy program allowances will qualify to receive FERA discounts, which bills some of their electricity usage at a lower rate. FERA is available for customers of Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Click here if you are a residential single family customer.

Energy Savings Assistance Program


PG&E’s Energy Savings Assistance Program provides income-qualified renters and homeowners with easy, free solutions to help manage their energy use and save money on their monthly energy bills. To see the basic qualification guidelines, click here.

You may be eligible for the following services provided by PG&E:
  • Improvements to your house, apartment or mobile home including compact fluorescent lights, caulking, shower heads, minor home repair and much more.
  • Replacement of your old refrigerator, furnace and/or water heater1.
  • Energy savings tips.

Medical Allowance  – PG&E Program

If you or any full-time resident of your household requires the regular use of a medical life-support device that is essential to support the life of a full-time resident of the household, or if a full-time resident of the household is a paraplegic, hemiplegic, or quadriplegic person, and/or if a full-time resident of the household is a multiple sclerosis/scleroderma patient, you may be eligible for a special medical allowance that may lower your monthly electric bill. For more information, check PG&E’s website.