Build A Bear Promotion Is A Bust!

If you were thinking about going to Build A Bear today, you’re plans have changed. “It’s not an event, it’s a riot” says local security guard.

Build A Bear Workshop offered a pay your age promotion on their famous, unfortunately they weren’t prepared for the crowds. Only hours into their event, corporate headquarters decided to close all it’s stores and their monster lines. The company is no longer accepting guests.

The division came on the heels of riots breaking out in Britian and all over the UK. Riots in New York and Chicago have left many injured.

Reports of out of control line cutting and theft of bears have made the event a safety concern for local authorities.

Sunvalley Mall in Concord is included in the list of closures. At 9:30am, line waits were already 3 hours long with hundreds waiting. By 9:45am, customer service closed the lines and turned away customers. To make up for the mishap, some locations are giving out $15 off vouchers.

Bottomline: Not all good deals are worth the wait.

Ps. Pay your age birthday treat bears can be redeem year round on your child birthday. See Build A Bear Birthday Program for more details.


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