IN PROGRESS: Multiple Shots Fired, Nearby Residents Evacuated

Concord Police have responded to call by a neighbor reporting another neighbor who’s shooting firearms. At approx. 9:45, Concord Police confirmed multiple shots fired. Approx. 15-20 shots have been fired while Concord Police were on scene.

CPD have set up a staging area on Belmont and Lexington. Officers are reporting that it sounds like multiple calibers being fired. Nearby houses are being evacuated and SWAT team has been called. They are also making preparations for a negotiator and have called in air support to be the eye in the sky.

Stay tuned for updates! We will be monitoring this situations and bring it to you live as it happens.

UPDATE: Concord Police arrested a white male adult with long brown hair, wearing a black vest, blue jeans and white t-shirt. Subject advises that there were multiple guns in the house including a long gun and hand gun. Neighbors were evacuated for their safety prior to his arrest. Concord Police & SWAT has cleared the house and property.


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