DUI Checkpoint Locations and Information

This page offers current information on DUI Checkpoints, Driver’s License Checkpoints, Smog Checkpoints, Pedestrian Stings and other traffic related police activity. We are the only site that publishes DUI checkpoints dates and locations in Contra Costa County BUT we can’t do it without you! Report Checkpoints when you see them using the form below!


To submit a DUI Checkpoint or Speed Trap, enter your information here.  To submit a DUI Checkpoint or Speed Trap, enter your information here. 

Are DUI Checkpoints or Driver’s License Checkpoints legal? How do other states feel about checkpoints? What are the standards for DUI checkpoints? How are DUI checkpoints funded?

Find out these answers and more on our DUI Frequently Asked Questions page.

5 responses to “DUI Checkpoint Locations and Information

  1. Ilegal!


  2. I have seen a large number of blogs involving this topic, but your article definitely provides the most up-to-date and factual data. Thanks a million! Cheers!



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