What topics do you want to see on the Diablo Reporter?


One intention we’ve had at the bottom of our hearts was to build a community around the Mt Diablo area and bring people and ideas closer together. We want all of our readers to feel like this is your blog too. So far we’ve had a lot of fun and offered many great opportunities! Now it’s your turn!

What topics do you want to see covered in future posts? Do you have a special event like an engagement, wedding, or military homecoming that you would like us to know about? Are there any local rants or raves within our community that need a spotlight?

Let us know with a comment on this post or by submitting information to us and we’ll certainly try to accommodate it. If you are an email or RSS subscriber you’ll need to visit the website to leave your comment (you can do this by clicking on the title of the this post).


PS.  We welcome guest writers too!


One response to “What topics do you want to see on the Diablo Reporter?

  1. Perhaps you should write about how Concord is infested with illegals and the crooked city of Concord allows it because of all the extra funding they get but nothing ever gets better. Monument collects millions from non-profits and programs. If they didn’t have the illegals, they wouldn’t qualify for so much money from the feds. They are lining their pockets while the quality of life in Concord decreases.


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