Checkpoint Refusal Video Goes Viral – Citizen’s Right to Refuse

A video compiled of normal everyday citizens refusing to answer questions and obey unlawful orders has gone viral and has created a stir. While none of the videos were recorded in Contra Costa, the county does allow and conduct the  checkpoints regularly.

The cities that allow the controversial checkpoints include Clayton, Concord, Brentwood, El Cerrito, Martinez, Oakley, Richmond, San Pablo & Pittsburg. The City of Concord has even conducted random smog checkpoints on Treat & Cowell Rd back in April.

The wave of upheavel this video has caused is largely from the public that typically complies with such checkpoints and were unaware that they have a legal right to refuse to comply. These legal refusals include refusing to pulling over, following officer’s directions, produce identification and answering basic questions.

DUI Checkpoints are no longer being monitored by just the police, most checkpoints are attracting spectators. Random citizen that are curious about what actually goes on have observed several rights violations including unlawful searches, seizures and detentions. One family at the checkpoints on Treat & Cowell Rd back in April were teaching their younger daughters about the difference between laws and rights as they watch the operation of the checkpoint.

Some citizens are doing more than just watching from the sidelines. This Brentwood man decided to take matters in his own hands and protested the checkpoint activity in August. This protester not only is informing people there is a checkpoint ahead but he’s also showing them the way out.


Credit for the photo goes to Cameron Lewis.

After the photo above was posted to Facebook and received 444 “likes”.


See the video that sparked hot debate and has received close to 2 million views!


What do you think? Have you ever exercised your right to refuse? What do you think about citizens in the video? the officers? Tell us your thoughts on this very hot topic!


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