Wishing Our Readers Happy Valentine’s Day!


As you are probably already aware, today is Valentine’s Day – a day set aside for people to show their love and affection to that special someone in their lives. The DiabloReporter team is all about spreading the love and people looking out for one another so this February 14th, we’d like to wish all our readers a very happy and loved-up Valentine’s Day!! The cynical among you might feel like these days Valentine’s Day is all about consumerism and it’s a fair enough argument. But for many, it isn’t about the money spent on flashy gifts or expensive dinners, but rather the sentiment behind it. So whatever you do people, make sure you enjoy it and let that special someone in your life know you care!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! XOXO

PS. If you’re looking for someone to love, Animal Services is offering FREE cat & dog adoptions through Valentine’s Day. Click here for more information.


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