HUGE List of Patriot Day Freebies


Patriot Day is a day of remembrance for the tragic events that took place on 9/11.  What better way to honor those that lost their lives than to reconnect to that old American spirit.

May we never forget 9/11 and always question the truth of the matter.

★ FREE Pocket Constitution (Scroll to the bottom of the link) – Requires SASE.

FREE Printable Constitution PDF

FREE Downloadable Pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution

FREE Downloadable Book: Right Wing Handbook

FREE Downloadable Book: Rules for Conservative Radials

FREE Downloadable Book: Pocket Catechism on the Constitution of the United States

★ FREE Copy of NRA’s Essential Second Amendment Guide

★ FREE Firearm Safety Education DVDs

FREE Printable Firearm Paper Targets

★ FREE STICKER  NRA Armed Citizens – Defend Your Right to Defend Yourself

★ FREE Tea Party Patriot Bumper Sticker

★ FREE STICKER  Patriot Act: Repeal It

★  FREE American Flag Decals (Scroll to the bottom of the link)

★ FREE American Flag Window Cling

★ FREE Square Inch Of US Land 

★ FREE TNT Fireworks Poster, Sticker, Magnet, Tattoos & More!

★ 50 FREE Firecrackers @ Fireworks Supermarket Locations with Coupon


FREE Freeze-Dried Food Sample

FREE Wise Food Storage Sample Meal – Each Wise Company full size sample includes 4 adult servings. Sample flavor shipped may vary from product shown. Shipping and handing may be required.

★ 2 FREE Mother Earth Product Food Storage Samples

FREE Emergency Food Sample Meal

FREE Pet Alert Window Decal

FREE Shirt and Pizza

★ FREE Pair of Glasses with code FIRSTPAIRFREE up to $169!

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