Concord Jeepers Need Your Help To Win – #RallyVenture


He fought for your public lands to be open, now fight for him!!!

Last Week, Ryan Taylor won a Golden Ticket from Poison Spyder to be apart of the RallyVenture in Reno! Ryan who has been a lifetime Jeeper who the elusive ticket because of his good works in keeping our public lands open.

As a member of both the Contra Costa Jeepers and This Dysfunctional Organization (TDO) jeep clubs, Ryan has been a leader the Jeeping and Off Road Community. He’s organized letter writing campaigns to keep your trails and public lands open. He has even fought the court system and shows up to all trail use closure meetings. He’s even the founder of Boycott Sierra Nevada page on Facebook for their funding of trail closure groups!

If you appreciate the outdoors and public lands, than help Ryan Taylor and his co-pilot Doug Kennedy win this years Rally Venture event!

To show support LIKE, SHARE & HASHTAG #RallyVenture & #PoisonSpyder in your status box!!!  They get points by getting lots of social media, so send this link everywhere!!!!!!

Team Taylor thanks you!!!! #RallyVenture & #PoisonSpyder



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