Community Sustainability Challenge – Get Published!

Dear Diablo Reporter Readers!

I just signed up for the Community Resilience Challenge, the most audacious sustainability extravaganza ever! It’s FREE and a great way to become part of our community by committing to do actions throughout the month of May based on the four themes of Save Water, Grow Food, Conserve Energy and Build Community.


If you go to the link below you’ll be taken to the Challenge homepage where you can sign up and commit to various activities. There are 42 potential actions to choose from such as install a greywater system, plant a garden, sheet mulch your lawn, install water saving appliances, fix leaks, unplug electronics, and more plus room to submit your own plans too. Will you join me and thousands of others that will create a more resilient community and future this May?

The Community Resilience Challenge, founded by Daily Acts five years ago and brought to the East Bay by Victory Garden Foundation and Sustainable Contra Costa, is a collaboration of non-profits, municipalities, businesses and individuals working together to bring awareness to the need for community-based local solutions to the pivotal issues facing our planet, from our drought to food insecurity to climate change. Together we are creating a more resilient local food system, economy, and community while reducing our use of water and energy.


Whether you organize a garden work party with your family or neighbors, get a home energy upgrade, convert your lawn into a water-sipping landscape, pledge to ride your bike twice a week, or help a neighbor with their project… every action counts. Find ideas and Find easy steps and municipal rebate programs in our How-To Action Guides or get creative and invent your own action or project.

Doing a lot already? Wonderful! Encourage others to act, try something new, or lend a hand. Engage everyone you know in doing the same! We are all involved in creating our future – and joining others in your community has never been easier.


TAKE ACTION HERE to help us reach 3,000 pledges and projects by May 31st!


We want to see what our readers can do! Send us your pictures, project information, links or a statement about what your working on! We will publish your pics, statements, links and sustainability information for all our readers to see! Did you create a local sustainability group?  Install a new watering system? We want to promote YOU! YOUR WORK, YOUR PROJECTS, YOUR IDEAS! We bet there’s all sorts of awesome projects out there so email us your story!

Click on the link at a header bar title “Submit” to contact us via or email us directly at


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