Winter Brews Fest Leaves Fans Thirsty For More


The Brewing Network’s 2014 Winter Brews Fest event was all the rage last month! The Winter Brews fest delivered a custom glass, a wide selection of quality beer tasting, and amazing musical performances by Forrest Day and Lucas Ohio Pattie.

Crowds of 100 or more flooded the sidewalks surrounding Todas Santos Plaza as lines filled the perimeter of the park. A small glitch in line length for prepaid tickets was noticeable but was quickly corrected without a hitch.  The event featured dual offerings from over 45 breweries from across the country.


Given the wintry theme, the focus trended to the warmer end of the spectrum, with a heavy dose of IPAs, complemented by a generous selection of stouts, ciders and the occasional winter lager.

Despite the considerable number of entries and the sell-out crowd, the venue proved more than adequate and provided plenty of breathing room for the sea of beer drinkers on hand. Booths were manned by a combination of volunteers and brewery representatives. All of them were gracious, friendly and very informative about the beer they offered.


While many brewers brought their standard winter fare to the table, our favorite was the well-attended Laganitas booth. Many other infamous breweries such as Moylans and Lost Coast offered their best brews too. Some of the attending breweries also offered many great ciders which used subtlety rather than sweetness to make an impression.

The event featured live music from Lucas Ohio Pattie, followed by headliner Forrest Day featuring their hit songs “Hyperactive” and “Sleepwalk”.  Check out Forrest Day at the Winter Brew Fest by watching the video below:

Like an old high school reunion, friends greeted each other with open arms. Half way through the event, serious planning was done as groups gathered to discuss their plan of attack for next year’s event. Groups of connoisseurs and beer enthusiasts hung around booths serving suds to hundreds upon hundreds of smiling faces. With support from all the great breweries, the awesome organizers and volunteers, the Winter Brews Fest was once again a smashing success! It easily doubled the previous year’s attendance.


Offing amazing beers, great music, awesome people on thing is for sure: 2015 Winter Brews Fest is a MUST! The Brewing Network creates an experience that everyone from the casual beer drinker to connoisseurs can appreciate.


Stay connected to for all upcoming Brew Fests events. We are pleased to announce each event and give insider details.  Visit the Brewing Network page for more information, events, forums and podcasts.


2 responses to “Winter Brews Fest Leaves Fans Thirsty For More

  1. The line to get in with prepaid tickets was absolutely unacceptable, but a follow-up email from The Brewing Network promised that this year’s problems will be fixed for next year. Hopefully all the breweries that ran out of beer long before the end of the event will also learn that the crowds at this particular brewfest are HUGE and will bring an adequate amount of beer next time. I’m looking forward to returning next year!


  2. Good time, too long of line to get in and forest day was awesome!


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