Chili Masters Wanted: Clayton Club Chili Cook-Off


The Clayton Club is having their annual 14th annual Chili Cook-Off on March 2nd at 10am – 3pm. Let’s hear what the Clayton Club has to say about the event:

Do you make Great chili?  Then enter the 14th annual Clayton Club Chili Cook-off.  There is a $300 first prize for the best chili in town.  Second and Third places will be awarded $200 and $100, respectively.


Advance registration is required for this event and the field is limited to 20 contenders.  A $15 registration fee is also required.  Contact the bartender on any day shift for details. On the day of the event, contestants can begin setup at 10:30 and must register with the bartender by 11:00 am.  Judging will begin at 12 Noon.  Prizes will be awarded at 1 pm. Contestants should bring a full crockpot, so the public can enjoy the food after judging is complete.


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