Help Fight Hunger – Fruit Tree Owners Wanted


The Diablo Reporter has teamed up with Anna Chan, aka The Lemon Lady! Over the last four years, Anna has been on a nationwide campaign against hunger. The Lemon Lady Foundation is all volunteer and self-funded. Anna organized over 6,000 volunteer hours and personally harvested over 300 TONS of urban fruit and produce that’s delivered to local food pantries and hunger relief organizations.

Anna would like to inspire others about fruit and vegetable donations to local food pantries and she’s made simple to do so. Anna Chan & The Lemon Lady Foundation is looking for people with excess fruit on their fruit trees! Anna’s team would love to donate your excess fruit to local food banks including the Share Food Pantry on Willow Pass Rd, in Concord. We can even get help harvesting it for you!

If your interested donating your fruit to the cause,  contact Anna directly via email at or by phone (925) 672-1988 or (510) 406-1625. Happy Harvesting! For more information about Anna visit website The Lemon Lady Blog.


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