Great Balls of Fire! Meteor Shower Tonight


If NASA says it’s the biggest meteor shower of the year, you better stay up late and grab your binoculars! The annual Perseid meteor shower is the glittery result of Earth’s passage through a steam of debris left behind by a comet. You should expect to see meteor rates as high as 100 per hour. The yearly Perseid meteor shower combine with the Delta Aquarid shower produces the year’s most dazzling display of shooting stars.

Best time to view is in the early mornings of August 12th and 13th. Beginning  after midnight with better viewing after the moon wanes this will be a must see. The show will continue and tends to hit its peak right before dawn. For more information about the Perseid meteor shower visit,

Viewing Tips:

  • Get away from bright lights, clouds and pollution.
  •  Go to a high elevation and/or away from large cities.
  • Let your eyes adjust for 15 minutes prior in the darkness.



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