We have hit 10,000 total views!


Hello fabulous readers!

Just this minute Diablo Reporter has reached 10,000 total views!


Getting this many hits in just 4 months is AWESOME!  We’ve had 70 new followers, plus 47 super cool Facebook fans and 19 amazing Twitter followers!

I want to personally thank you all for reading and sharing us with your friends. There’s so much more to come! We’ve got many awesome stories coming up plus hot new features, cool pages and interactive widgets!

Please check out our Diablo Reporter Facebook Page, Twitter Stream, and soon to be active Youtube channel. Remember to bookmark and check back so you won’t miss our need-to-know stories and updates.

Is there a story you think we should cover? Email us at DiabloReporter@Hush.com! Thank you again for all your support and encouragement there is so much more to come. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


One response to “We have hit 10,000 total views!

  1. Congratulations! Job Well done.

    Please…………Keep up the good work. 😉

    Thank You,

    Avid Reader


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