Vehicle Accident Causes Flooding & Road Closures


What started out as a two car vehicle accident has turned into road hazard with flooding and road closures. Two vehicles hit a fire hydrant and possibly an apartment complex on Ayers across from the Popeyes. It appears vehicle accident has also done damage to the control box that regulates the traffic lights of the intersection of Clayton Rd & Ayers


Con Fire and Concord Police Department are on scene. Ayers Rd from Clayton is closed as well as the Westbound Right lane lane on Clayton Rd near the Ayers intersection.


The fire hydrant has caused substantial flooding in the area of Heather Drive & Kenmore Drive.


Concord Police have called in Contra Costa Water District as well as clean up crews to handle the debris in the roadway caused by the water damage.

Thank you to our readers Dan & Ryan for the information and pictures!


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