Free Admission To Concord’s Home & Garden Show


The 20th annual Home and Garden show is almost here! Enter the show with our free passes! At the show you will find all kinds of ideas for the homeowner and business owner alike. Many Local vendors and contractors ready to show off their best stuff. Booths displays and demonstrations of everything you can think of. Find a contractor for home improvement ideas or just to ask some questions to do it yourself.

Some of the services include:
* Landscaping, Stone work, Concrete, Decks
* Pools & Spas * Fencing
* Outdoor Furniture
* Furniture * Floors* Tile work * Kitchen and Bath * Solar
* Windows * Shutters * Roofing * Siding
*Fine Art
* Cabinetry * Remodeling

Admission is normally $6, except for Diablo Reporter’s readers. Click here to print out our free passes! Invite as many people as you want, or go multiple days! Pavillion parking is $6, however, there is local parking at the nearby churches for those that wanted to save money and exercise a little.


2 responses to “Free Admission To Concord’s Home & Garden Show

  1. Jason williamson

    How can I get a spot in the show


  2. Dan,You should try Orson Scott Card’s series. Books #1-4 are based on Nephi and his brothers. My favorite is , which is basically the book of Mosiah. There’s a great drama of politics and family in the story of Alma and King Mosiah and their sons, and Card does a great job of telling it. Before I read that book, it never occurred to me that some people might have gone along with Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah because they were clearly the future of the country.


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