New Puppy? Free Puppy Potty Training Seminar


Did someone get a new puppy for Christmas? All new puppies should learn good behaviors and healthy habits that last a lifetime. Early learning is critical to the development and socialization of your new pet.

Take advantage of these FREE puppy seminars available at Petco:

Free Puppy Potty Training Seminar
January 10 & 11, 2pm
Join us on January 10 or 11, to get professional advice, tips and tricks to help make potty training easier for you and your puppy or dog during a 30-minute, free seminar. Current vaccinations required. Contact your local store for more details.

Seminar will be located at Petco at 1150 Concord Ave, Concord. 925-356-0217 For more information about Petco classes, visit their website.


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  1. I read your post, thanks for the information


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