FREE 2 YR CPR & AED Certification Card

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UPDATE: Due to registered participants not showing up; Sports Basement now charges $15 for the CPR & AED. This change is effective today, Oct 2 @ 2pm.

The Diablo Reporter is now CPR & AED Certified!!! We got our FREE 2 year certification card for successfully completing Sports Basement’s CPR & AED Course. This course teaches lay rescuers how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies, including sudden cardiac arrest, rescue position and choking for adult, child, and infant victims. Students also learn how to perform CPR using a barrier device and how to effectively use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) through hands-on training and classroom lecture. ashi The American Safety and Healthy Institute CPR/AED certification card for adult, child, and infant is issued after all class requirements are met. Check out the American Safety and Health Institute website here:


The Certification card is valid for 2 years depending on your skill level for the home and workplace. This class does not cover First-Aid and is not adequate for Heathcare Professionals. You must be 14 and older to receive a certification card (due to test comprehension and hands-on evaluation). Children under 14 are encouraged to take this course to learn the important skills but will not receive a certification card.

Class runs from 6pm-9pm. Please show up 10-15 minutes early as there is paperwork you need to fill out ahead of time. Class starts promptly at 6pm (if you are late you may be turned away for already missing vital information in order to receive a certification card). Please bring some kind of picture identification with you to class.  You only need to attend one class to become certified.

Please dress appropriately! You will actually perform CPR with dummies! This means, ladies, please no dress/skirts and crewneck shirts are better than blousy tops! There will be no breaks during this 3 hour time period (snacks/drinks are okay as long as they are not distracting).

Remember that this is a “Community CPR” class. If you’re in the medical/health field, this will not be sufficient enough for your needs. TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES –  CLICK HERE! NOTE: This class fills up fast and only allows 10 participants. If registration is FULL and you STILL WISH TO ATTEND THE CLASS and are sure you can make it; send us your full name and email address (for communication purposes only) and we will reply you with instructions on how to get into the class. Email us at and add “CPR Class” in the subject line for quick admission.



4 responses to “FREE 2 YR CPR & AED Certification Card

  1. Thank you for your face book post I followed. I successfully received my card! You Go Girl! You make me proud!


  2. This inspired me to sign up for the Zombie Preparedness class too!

    Thank You again and again for this awesome site.

    Information is POWER!


    • Diablo Reporter

      Thank you! That’s awesome! I’m glad our site has helped you! Congrats on your CPR & AED certification! I’m sure you will like the Zombie Apocalypse Course!


  3. I have taken the ADULT,CHILD,INFANT CPR/AED in 2013-06-27 Valid Until 2015-06-27. Can I take the same course now?
    Please lit me know now
    How should I go about it? Thanking you in advance
    Michele G Hayden


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