Free Summer Bus Passes & T-Shirts for Students!


2014 Contra Costa County Youth Summit

Each year, Contra Costa County District V Supervisor Federal D. Glover sponsors a Youth Summit for all middle and high school students of Contra Costa County. The 2014 Youth Summit will be held on Saturday, May 3rd at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg. Middle School and High School Students Welcome!

Free Summer Youth Bus Passes & T-Shirts for All-Day Participants!

Eligibility is restricted to youth members who are All-Day Participants at the Youth Summit. ADULTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BUS PASS. Youth participants MUST register at the event and attend the 2 classroom sessions in the AM and PM. At these sessions, your registration number will be counted as an attendance and you will be given a sticker on your name badge. If you DO NOT ATTEND, the two AM and PM classroom sessions you will be INELIGIBLE. Bus pass Vouchers will be given at the end of the day.

Visit the registration page for more information!



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