Exclusive: Singing Flag Series Will Not Go On


It looks like the days of the Singing Flag performances at Dave Brubeck park are over. Tonight Linda Reynolds, the Artistic Director of Calvary Temple Church announced tonight that the Singing Flag performances will not continue. In an emotional City of Concord Counsel meeting, the director announced that the choir has decided to make last year’s 25th performance of Calvary Temple’s Choir and Singing their last. We will keep you updated as a press release comes out.

Also out tonight, the Concord High Jazz Band performed today before the Concord City Counsel and they agreed to make “Take 5”,  as performed Dave Brubeck, “The Most Treasured Song” of the City of Concord. The measure voted on and past at tonight’s City Counsel meeting.

What are your best memories of the Singing Flags? What will you do this year instead? Tell us your thoughts and comments!

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3 responses to “Exclusive: Singing Flag Series Will Not Go On

  1. The Singing Flag, has been an icon to a large group of families for that wholesome night out. Now where do we (20k) go over those three nights?
    Where there is less and less family activities why shut down the patriotic event. What’s behind Calvary Temple Move? Disappointed Very disappointed.


  2. Just do what you do on any other night on those three nights? They can’t keep it going forever.


  3. American Woman

    Want to do something to celebrate the 4th of July? Want to do something meaningful? Powerful? Life Changing? Throw a backyard BBQ, invite your liberty minded friends, have conversations about the loss of civil liberties, the unavoidable economic collapse, the deliberate devaluation of the dollar, the NSA spying, the unconstitutional and un-American felons that run the federal government. While your at it, have print outs available of all the illegal executive orders. Most importantly, make a plan with your family and friends to prepare for disaster or economic crisis by stockpile food, water, non gmo seeds, guns, ammo and any other needful thing.

    This blog is great but it should have much more preparedness information made available.

    Oh and one more thing, unconstitutional laws are not legal laws and you are not required to comply. While it takes courage to resist (and is a personal choice), you should know all those that lived, died and are still fighting for this country support YOU and the most powerful document in world history (the U.S. Constitution) give you the legal grounds and moral obligation to do so!


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