Confirmed: Smog Checkpoint In Progress – VIDEO


Our readers have just notified us of a smog checkpoint going on today in Concord. The checkpoint is located on Treat Blvd & Citrus Ave near San Simeon (heading towards Concord). This checkpoint is run by California Highway Patrol. They are stopping vehicles and detaining them for up to 20 minutes to conduct an on-site smog check investigation.


If you happen to pass this, email us ( pictures or video of the event and let’s get the word out so that unsuspecting driver’s are not surprised.

See our drive-thru video sent to us by “The Watcher & Coyote Joe”.

The Supreme Court has ruled the checkpoints unconstitutional; however the state can perform these checkpoints as long as they follow particular guidelines including making a public announcement with location prior the checkpoints. It also requires drivers have a way to leave the checkpoint without being forced to pass through.  For more information on checkpoints and the legal issues that surrounds them, please visit our DUI Checkpoint Frequently Asked Questions Page!

We have received several emails about this incident and the public isn’t happy. What do you think? Waste of time and money? Should this be happening on the streets of Concord? For information and pictures from Concord’s last Smog point, click here.

If you would like to be updated on DUI checkpoints in Contra Costa, it’s HIGHLY recommended that you joining our email list, Facebook page, twitter feed or bookmark us and check back often! We will continue to make people of Contra Costa County aware of DUI Checkpoints, Smog Checkpoints, Saturation Patrols, and other travel related events. As far as we know, is the ONLY site that gives out specific times and locations of checkpoints in the County.


3 responses to “Confirmed: Smog Checkpoint In Progress – VIDEO

  1. They are broke and trying to drum up business. Most people don’t realize that our police and courts IS a business… a business that wants to make a profit.


  2. As far as I see it, talk about wasting money, your registration gets suspended if you don”t get insurance, don”t get your smog every other year,or just plain renew your reg., so why waste our time and tax payers money for B.S.


  3. Come on guys, leave them alone. Don’t you realize they must fund the military industrial complex. That shit gets expensive!


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