Concord Police Offers Free “Club” Anti-Theft Device


In a push to cut the likelihood of motor vehicle theft, the Concord Police have launched their new anti-theft program tackling some specific makes, models and years of vehicles that are stolen at a much higher rate than newer model vehicles. To combat this tread, the Concord Police Department is offering owners of these commonly stolen vehicles a free anti-theft device, known as “The Club.”

According to the City of Concord Press Release, “The purpose of this program – dubbed Operation Wheel-Lock — is to educate vehicle owners about their vulnerability to auto theft and to offer The Club for use as an extra layer of security and theft prevention.”

To view the eligibility requirements and more information on how to get your free anti-theft device, click here. Security Clubs will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis from the Community Service Desk, on the 1st floor of the Concord Police Department.

To confirm the on-going availability of the Clubs and/or the Service Desk hours of operation, please call (925) 671-3220.


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