California Color Guard Circuit Championships – Tomorrow!

California Color Guard Circuit Championships will be taking place on Saturday, 4/6/13 at Independence High School (1776 Educational Park Drive, San Jose). The Color Guard show begins at 2:15 pm and runs through 8:30 pm. The Blue Devils ‘A’ perform at 7:04 pm and the Blue Devils Special Needs group will perform at 8:19 pm. Admission is only $15, and children under 5 are free!

The Blue Devils offer quality educational and performance experiences in the
areas of musical and dance performance. Their goal is to develop personal
character through challenging physical, emotional, mental, and social activities
while promoting the values of dedication, hard work, and commitment to a team
effort. For more information on the Blue Devils Color Guard Show, visit their website here.

Check out the Blue Devils at the 2012 World Championships!


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