Milan Institute is Closing its Doors

The Milan Institute will be closing its doors and ending its beauty training programs on January 31, 2013. It will also be discontinuing its student beauty services. This closure came as a shock to beauty students, receiving less than 30 days notice, most of whom paid their tuition ($20,000 plus) in advanced. According to students, the business is closing due to lack of revenue generated at the John Glenn Drive – Concord site. Most students were upset to find that they would being commuting but some foresee a lack transportation to get to the Fairfield school. The Milan Institute has agreed to a monthly compensation (until graduation) for students commuting to Fairfield.

The Milan Institute’s Student Beauty Spa which is infamous for its $7 haircuts and $20 relaxing facials offers great deals will not around forever. To view the Milan’s Student Service Menu, click here.

If you have never been, treat yourself to a service but don’t forget to ask for the friends and family 50% off coupon for your next visit. The Milan Institute also offers free hair cuts to anyone that comes in during their birth week. They also offer a standing 20% off to seniors and military. Did I mention that they offer $5 children’s haircuts? Click here for their winter specials and here for their coupons.


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