Free Storage Boxes, File Boxes and Binders!

From Today until January 12th, 2013 Staples is offer 100% back on Avery heavy-duty binders, Staples portable file boxes & Bankers Box storage boxes. Everyone should take full advantage of this great offer. Storage boxes will come in handy for spring cleaning as well as good for storage in general. Binders, boxes and file boxes can be bought now and saved for school years to come. Staples filing boxes can help you get organized too! This is a new year so quit digging through piles of paperwork only to find that one you need. Let Staples PAY YOU to get organized! Save money and time by taking advantage of freebies like this and stock up for years to come! To see the full ad, click here.

This special was sent to us by the very awesome Anna Chan, The Lemon Lady! If you haven’t heard of her, check out her blog. She is doing a great service for our local community by picking up and delivering local food to local food pantries.


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