The Diablo Reporter Gets Social!

Hooray! We are so excited to announce the Diablo Reporter is fully locked and engaged on some of the hottest social networking sites around! That’s right, we’ve decided to GO BIG OR GO HOME!

We’ve got the insatiable Official Diablo Reporter Facebook Fan Page which hosts events, announcements and our latest status updates. Our volunteers had been busy establishing and tweeting on our own Diablo Reporter Twitter stream. Pictures and texts are not the only thing that Diablo Reporter has to offer. We would like to present our Official Diablo Reporter Youtube Channel to bring you all the fabulous local footage!

For special events, we will be broadcasting LIVE on the Diablo Reporter UStream Channel and to add personality and flavor to the mixed we will be hosting LIVE Video Chats on our Diablo Reporter BlogTV Channel. We will be establishing and trying out various media and social networking outlets to bring you the best coverage and features.

Please have patience with us while we try to offer the best experience for you and invite you to join the Diablo Reporter community!


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