11th Annual Ice Cream For Dinner Day – Oct 15


A Concord resident has created the most wonderful tribute to her father and in the process created a day of joy for many around the world! If that wasn’t enough, this tribute has been carried on for over a decade! We were lucky enough to get an invite and we are passing along that invite to all of you!  Join her for her 10th Annual Ice Cream For Dinner Day on, October 15, 2016! It’s purpose is to share in the awesomeness of life! Check out the 411 below and click on the link below to RSVP. No need to go anywhere. Just celebrate at home with your family!

Here’s the back story:

On October 15, 2005, my father’s life was cut short after a very brief battle with cancer. While he was in the hospital, the doctor cleared him to have any food he wanted. I called and had my brother bring a small cup of Haagan Daas Vanilla ice cream brought in for him – his favorite. Dad never got to eat that ice cream.

As a tribute to my father, ice cream for dinner day was born.

Ice Cream for Dinner Day is an opportunity to reevaluate your priorities. Celebrate spontaneity. Realize that life is short and unpredictable and that sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to do things that you put off until later (like dessert). Remember those who have left us. Acknowledge the idea thatwatching the excitement on your children’s faces when you tell them you’re having ice cream for dinner is way more fun than trying to force them to eat their veggies, and for one night out of the year it truly will not kill them. Join in a tradition. Live a little.

Every year, there is always a group of people who reply “I would NEVER feed my kids ice cream before dinner!” This year, challenge yourself to break out of that mentality.

Invite everyone you know! I am always amazed and my heart is so warmed that this event spreads the way it does every year. In the past, Ice Cream for Dinner Day has made it to Australia, British Columbia and Israel! Every year the response is overwhelming and so touching. Raise a spoon and spread the love!

Click here to RSVP & Join in the fun!

Will your family participant? What’s your favorite flavor of ice? There are so many awesome flavors to choose from! Enjoy!


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