FREE Red Bull or $10 Refund – Claim Now!


No wings? No problem. If Red Bull didn’t give you wings, here’s your chance to get $10 reimbursed cash, or $15 worth of Red Bull products.  March 2 is the last day to claim your cash or products.

Red Bull agreed last year to pay out $13,000,000 to settle the U.S. class action lawsuit where Plaintiff Benjamin Careathers had successfully argued that Red Bull had mislead him and consumers about the product’s excellence. This includes the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings,” and claims of increased performance, concentration and reaction speed. Careathers had been drinking since 2002 and apparently had received wings.

The settlement may include anyone who had purchased at least one Red Bull can in the past 12 years. Simply register by the deadline, choose product or cash and that it’s! No proof of purchase required.


Once final approval is given, payments will be distributed within 150 days, pending any appeals. 

Note: If too many people apply, Red Bull has the right to lower the amount each customer gets, though we won’t know if they do that until after the deadline.


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