Egg Prices Soar, FREE Chicken Raising Class

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Calling all preppers, farmers and homesteaders!

Lafayette resident, Papa John Kiefer, with 45 years experience raising poultry,
will, again, offer this popular workshop. Topics will include raising young chicks,
laying hen maintenance, and ‘sustainable’ coop construction. Having fresh organic eggs available improves our health, reconnects us with our environment, is a gift to our children, and offers the chickens a natural, safe living environment.Workshop is Free. Reservations are required; Please RSVP to have workshop address provided. Class will be held in Lafayette. Contact the organizer to RSVP at  e-mail:

Sunday, February 22, 2015 1:00-3:30 pm

For more information, visit

There are MANY benefits to raising backyard chickens! They are a full time pest control crew, weed abatement team and mobile fertilization system. They also require very little care and will happily eat any of your food & garden scraps as well as weeds. A few hens can provide lots of healthy, nutritional non gmo, eggs! These eggs are not only tax free but you will never have to wait in line to purchase them! You can get enough eggs for your family and if you have extras friends and family are always happy to receive them.

Egg prices are only going up in California due to new laws. The average cost of organic, free range, cage free eggs is $6.99. Save money and start raising chickens! Your home will thank you!



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