WC’s New Plastic Bag Ordinance Begins


Walnut Creek’s new plastic bag ordinance goes into effect today. Start today retailers can no longer distribute single-use plastic checkout bags and must charge a minimum of ten cents for a paper bag. To avoid the bag fee, shoppers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags. Click here to read the Ordinance.

Data obtained from conducting trash hot spot assessment and cleanup since 2010 along the City’s creek bank showed that single-use carry out plastic bags were among the most commonly found litter. The littering of plastic bags is an increasing blight on land and poses water quality problems. Most plastic bags do not biodegrade but instead persist in the environment for many years. These issues prompted Walnut Creek City Council to adopt the Plastic Bag ordinance on March 18, 2014.

Starting on December 18, 2014, all public eating establishments (such as restaurants, delicatessen, cafeterias and food trucks) cannot distribute single-use plastic checkout bags to customers for their take-out food. Customers can opt for no bag, paper bags may be provided to customer at no charge and reusable bags can be used at the discretion of customer and restaurant. Individual paper or plastic product bags without handle may be used around container of soups or stews to prevent spilling.

While supplies last,  a free reusable bag is available on the 2nd Floor of City Hall at the Permit Counter. City Hall is located at 1666 North Main Street in Walnut Creek.

Please call (925) 256-3503 or email to bringyourbag@walnut-creek.org for guidance on unique situations.


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